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Aian-Salsene-Zyrothan First Contact

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The Aians were first encountered near Aboris, and communication with the Zyrothans and Salsenes began soon afterwards.

It occurred in 3.999(.932) AM.


An Aian reconaissance cruiser was recording data on Aboris' system when a Zyrothan-owned spaceship was detected. Intrigued, the cruiser moved to scan the ship.

The Zyrothans saw the Aian spaceship approaching, and as no design match could be found, they began to broadcast hails to the Aians. Using their translation software, the cruiser's crew was able to begin conversation.

The Zyrothans alerted the nearby Salsene ships, and the parties agreed to meet on Aboris' habitable surface.

Nutay Rinkam, the Salsene envoy, began proceedings by giving a gift of that region's star data to the Aians. Thanking them, the Aians informed the envoys about their activities in the area. The Zyrothans were not expected to have reached a space-faring state yet, hence the Aian curiosity. Implying they had seen similiar ships before, the Aians asked if the technology had been given to them by the Salsenes.

At the end of the proceedings, the races traded cultural information and ate together.

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