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Ammuts are Daemons, of the Grakk caste.

An Ammut


Ammuts are crocodilian humanoids. They have great raw strength, but are clumsy and slow.

They can swim capably.

Most usually, they are around 1.5m tall. They have beigish skin, with many inset scales.

They are carnivorous, eating the flesh of their prey.


Ammuts are rather stupid, and work best when angry and focussed on a target.


Ammuts are released in great numbers as a first wave in assaults. They make an ideal assault force in swampy or moist terrain, but there Kappas are usually used.

There are comparatively few Ammuts in the Daemonic hordes.

Gehennian, The Seven

Korgrath: Afrit, Praetus, Rider, Marid, Reaper, Tekija, Esumum, The Asura
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