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up to 1.85 metres if standing




Highly advanced (Class X)

The Angeli are a race of sapients from the Daemoniverse.


Humanoids, Angeli have enormous, metal-feathered wings coming from their shoulders. They are partially synthetic, with mechanical devices replacing their lungs, kidneys, digestive, and nervous systems. However, they retain their biological heart, which is six-chambered and white due to a fatty sheath around it. Due to their biological parts, they must still produce warmth.

They are incredibly fast due to their cybernetic nervous system and augmented musculature. Their wings allow them to fly, not by flapping, but by lowering the mass of the Angelus to an extent that they can be used to lift them in the air. They can travel individually in space, but have low speed.

Their synthetic skin is very durable and flexible, able to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure.

Angeli are equipped with an anti-matter self-destruct device should death or capture be inevitable, to prevent their technology changing hands.


The speed of Angeli brains make them incredibly good at linear thinking, such as calculation and logic. However, they also have a poor imagination. Their memories are stored electronically, so they have a perfect recall.

Psychology and society

Angelus society has been shaped by their war with the Daemons. They have a great love of life, and hatred towards those who take it. However, they believe in fighting what is wrong, and are not afraid to battle others if it will save lives. They may become slightly irrational fighting Daemons due to their hatred, and will assist those fighting the Daemons whenever they can, such as when they took in Irithion.

To outsiders they seem uncommunicative, because they communicate through radio transmission rather than speech. However, they are perfectly willing to help peaceful species.


Angeli have advanced technology, though over the years much knowledge about it has been lost. They have Ultradrive spaceships, advanced cybernetics, and other such technologies.

Angeli ships carry mass drivers accelerating 25kg projectiles to 0.6c and Light Missiles, which are relativistic missiles containing 20-500kg of antimatter. Ships use upscaled Halo Rays as close-range weaponry, firing high-energy mercury ion beams. They have powerful plasma shields and thick armour, as well as great manoeuvrability.

Angeli individuals carry Blazeblades and/or Halo Rays.


It is not known when the Angeli developed, but is is known that they once had a reasonable expansive empire in the Daemoniverse, before they went to war. Some believe that they were actually assisting the Julth in the Julth War, others that they are descended from the Veiled Ones. However, it is more widely believed they developed far more recently.

The best estimate has them developing sapience in 2.998(.674) AM, then space travel within a hundred thousand years.

As soon as they encountered the Daemons, they began their war.

More recently, the Angeli have made alliances with the Typhons, Rennites and Irihil.

Relations with other races

The Angeli are an old race, and have encountered many others.


The Angeli and Daemons have been at war since first contact. The Angeli are one of the Daemons' most powerful enemies.


The Typhons and Angeli are allies, but see very little of each other due to constant war and separation by the Daemon fleets.


The Angeli assisted the Rennites in recapturing Styx.


The Angeli have encountered the Irihil. They are on friendly terms.

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