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The surface of Anxietas

Anxietas is a planet located in the Domain of Fear , in the Vesania universe. Its most notable feature is the hallucinogenic fear gas in its atmosphere.


The atmosphere of Anxietas is 55% nitrogen, 44% oxygen, and 1% trace gases. Among these trace gases are a flame retardant (which prevents atmospheric combustion) and a sort of fear gas. This DMT-like chemical causes hallucinations of the subject's worst fears; for example, someone terrified of heights would likely see every vertical distance magnified and would experience a constant sensation of freefall. This gas also affects dreams. Most visitors go insane after a few days.

Planetary Characteristics

Anxietas is a class TEF planet.


Anxietas is approximately 7,000 miles in diameter, with a mass 1.3 times that of Earth.


Anxietas' cold surface is only 10% water, though the atmosphere holds plentiful fog.


Anxietas' misty atmosphere makes the planet look desolate and barren, with bleak grey skies and twisting clouds.


The most common inhabitants of Anxietas resemble big black bugs, except for the bacteria at the bottom of the food chain. Everything that does not eat bacteria is a ravenous carnivore. One of Anxietas' predators is the syren, a rare but sapient being that uses a variant of the fear gas to create pleasing illusions designed to draw prey in. Those who fall for the trick are eaten.

The most notable creatures are the Fear Mountains and the Gorsa. The Fear Mountains are organisms 500-3000m tall, which release the gas from pores resembling caves. They are capable of motion, and extend tentacles from their sides to grab food.

The Gorsa is a winged creature, more than 800m across, which glides through the sky and feeds mainly on the Mountains. The corpses they leave become filled with mud and become actual mountains, shaping the landscape.

There are three main types of bug- the smallest are fast creatures with clawed feet which mob their prey, and are found in great numbers all over the planet.

A little larger, at 80cm long, are the medium bugs. These have spike-lined backs, and can launch these spikes at high speed, or roll up and use them in defence.

Bigger still are the big bugs, up to 4m long and with mandibles 60cm long. They are ambush predators, often digging holes into the ground from which they can catch prey.

Seboa, the largest 'continent', is in itself an enormous biomechanical plant. Its presence is visible through the black and segmented tendrils that cover the surface and move whenever they cannot see anything looking at them. There is also a 'fear fog', which rolls regularly across the surface. The ground appears to warp and move regularly.

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