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up to 6.4 metres


up to 3.1 metres


Exclusively meat




Highly advanced (Class XI)

The Aoarus are a race of malevolent, class XI sapients which have been encountered in the Viperius Galaxy. They are highly aggressive and dangerous, having ownership of at least eleven galaxies in Emenata.


The Aoarus are large creatures, up to 6m long and massing up to 750kg. They are quasi-bipedal, resting on four legs but moving on two.

Their skull is plated in tough bone, strong enough to withstand rifle shots and protecting the fragile head parts. The eyes are pits capable of detecting visible, infrared and near-UV light. Their nostrils detect chemicals with great sensitivity.

Aoarus muscles are very strong, and an Aoarus can lift three times its own body weight. They can easily bend or snap 2-inch thick steel bars.

The bite force of an Aoarus is around 3,500kPa, more than enough to shatter bone or break plate armour.

They have furry skin, which is highly elastic and deflects a large proportion of pressure placed on it. They have a mane around the head, which seems to be for display.


Aoarus no longer need to eat or drink, but in the past they were carnivorous animals.


Aoarus reproduce sexually, giving birth to live young surrounded by a proto-placental membrane which must be removed. Gestation takes eight months, and a baby takes 10 years to grow to full size. They become sexually mature at 12.

Twins and triplets occur at around 40% and 15% frequency respectively.


Aoarus have replaced certain body parts with technology, most notably the digestive system. They believe that amplifying strength of speed would be a 'weakling's compensation for inferiority', so do not change their muscular, skeletal or nervous systems.


The Aoarus are sapient beings, possessing high intelligence. They have good lateral thinking abilities, and learn rapidly.

They devote their intelligence to ruthless destruction of other forms of life.


Aoarus have built their society around conquest and competition.


Aoarus culture is centred around dominance. Those who overpower or trick others gain control, and rise up in the social strata. At the top is the Dread Lord Akrael, who is said to personally kill a hundred foes each day.

They believe that all other races are unclean and should be destroyed, by whatever means possible.


Aoarus technology is very advanced indeed, giving them class XI status.


Aoarus spaceships are extremely powerful, and come in several varieties. Their armour is built from innumerable picobots, each capable of creating a powerful mass repulsion, electromagnetic, or heat field. The armour can be programmed to emit lines of each of these along its length, moving down the sides, to adapt to any attack method.

They are powered by controlled micronovae in the ship's drive. This can also be used as a weapon- the ship opens up a tunnel between the engine and the target and removes the fusion buffers, causing an enormous release of energy that can destroy a star with ease. However, these leaves the shop temporarily incapacitated. There are also sub-GUT colliders for additional energy.

They achieve FTL through an Uberdrive, allowing them to cross between galaxies with extreme speed.

Aoarus Capsules are up to 30m long, cylindrical and possessing optical cloaks which bend light, infrared, and radar around them. They have Devourer Cannons and are launched into a planetary crust, then dig their way up to the surface and release their crew.

Kessrivna Battleships are up to 38km long, and armed with carbon missiles, particle beams, bomb-pumped lasers, impactor discs, mass drivers and chain-driven bombs.

Vessarnon Megaships are up to 2700km long. They can accelerate themselves to one billion times light speed and are equipped with all Kessrivna Weapons and the Consumer Cannon. This is fired at a planet or giant spaceship and uses picomachines to restructure that body into a new Vessarnon or group of Vessarnon Megaships. However, this takes a week to complete.

The Aoarus also possess multiple Phaseless Bombs. If a Phaseless Bomb is detonated, all material within the same universe is annihilated. The effect wave travels faster-than-light, increasing in size exponentially, and is capable of travelling through Dimensional Rifts.


Aoarus ground equipment is devastating and sophisticated. In melee, they use blades which produce a thin sheath of plasma around themselves, and multiblades which have blades capable of dividing into several, functional but thinner versions of themselves.

Ranged weapons include the fan beam, which uses fanned-out iraser beams to cut straight through organics, and the repeater sword launcher, which fires Aoarus swords.

They also have repeating missile launchers, which fire variable-yield, variable-speed missiles, which may or may not be seeking. They also use devourer cannons, which fire a projectile of unknown composition which causes the decay of matter it contacts, reducing molecules to atoms and producing massive amounts of heat. It is theorised that this is done by the use of nanocatalytic machines.


Aoarus have quantum computers, capable of extremely rapid communication and with an extremely high storage capacity.

They have hard AIs, but do not use them.


Aoarus rarely colonise planets, instead preferring to build bases under the crusts of moons and large asteroids. Around 3% of their population live in a permanent residence, the others living on board their ships.


It is unknown where the Aoarus came from and when they evolved sapience. The first records of them are from their first contact with the Coatzl, where they began firing on sight.

Ever since, they have only ever been aggressive to other races. They show no signs of slowing down, expanding and becoming more and more powerful all the time, advancing technologically and numerically.

Relations with other races

The Aoarus have only violent relationships with other races.


The Aoarus have fought the Aians, in the Viperius Galaxy. The Aians have declared war on the Aoarus.


The Irihil consider the Aoarus to be servants of the Night, and so wage war against them.


The Coatzl and Aoarus are currently locked in deep war, each side pouring resources in. Thousands die each day in the battles, with almost half the Aoarus force battling the Coatzl.


Sephirah often join the Coatzl in fighting the Aoarus.


The Aoarus have razed four Iridi worlds.


The Deraia have lost 153 ships to the Aoarus.


The Cyrians and Aoarus fight each other on a small scale.


The Aoarus took advantage of 'Ka'Shen Luck' when it first manifested, and claimed a large amount of Ka'Shen territory from them.

War Machine

The Aoarus have battled the War Machine on several occasions. Their conflict is ongoing and the Aoarus are forced to devote almost half their forces to this threat.

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