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The Armageddon is a Daemon Deathship, captained by the Gehennian Bloodburn.

The Armageddon firing one of its Hellbeams


The Armageddon is the largest Deathship by far, now 54km long after its most recent refit.

It bears 440 Lucifer Cannons, 980 Firestorm Cannons and 2 Hellbeams, as well as much light weaponry including Rending Cannons and Fury Beams. Many Hellfire Bombs are kept on board. Because of this, it can fight other ships or ground targets.

The armour is particularly strong spaced nano-adamant. Its hull is the thickest of any Daemon Warship, and it has three layers of prototype Hellfire Shield, which vaporises oncoming projectiles.

When Hectocapitus is on board, it also carries the Bad Neighbour. It is affixed to a bay in the ship's hull designed just for this purpose, and can retract inside the armour for extra defense.

It has multiple energy sources. Its main ones are four giant engine cores, but it also has two dozen fusion toruses, six fission reactors, and the ability to drain energy from the Julth Overlord imprisoned onboard.


As the most powerful and valuable Daemon Warship, the Armageddon is used in the largest fleet assaults, and to escort Hectocapitus.

It can carry many hundreds of thousands of Daemons, and has a permanent crew of 150,000 Afrits, millions of Cubi sentries and guards, and contains its own breeding regions which almost constantly produce Daemons and Warbeasts.

It is like a city within itself, with enormous factories, giant kitchens, massive barracks and armouries, and even rooms for several dozen Gehennians, as well as a special throne room for Hectocapitus. There is a great degree of redundancy, so that the destruction of one command centre, drive core, or hub will not disable the ship.

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