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Bad Neighbour

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The Bad Neighbour is an enormous cannon built into The Tower in Pandaemonium.

The Bad Neighbour, pointed into the sky


400 metres long, this weapon weighs 380 tons. It contains a massive set of magnetic coils in each of its four barrels, and accelerates a very dense projectile the size of a main battle tank (65,000kg) to 0.99c, while also wreathing it in molten plasma.

Each shot yields the equivalent of 8.2 teratonnes of TNT in kinetic energy. To maximise damage, the projectile also contains a mass repulsion system that sends it flying apart just before impact.

As such, it can destroy whole fleets. If fired at a planet, a land impact could completely destroy an area the size of India, and an impact in either land or sea will cause sufficient atmospheric dust loading to freeze the land. Fires and tsunamis would span both hemispheres. Impact ejecta would fall from the sky and many pieces would be the size of boulders.


While usually always on Inferno, this weapon can also be lifted by a team of Titans. Hectocapitus attaches it to the Armageddon when on board.

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