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Blackmetal is a titanium alloy used by Daemons.

Tubes of blackmetal


Most of the alloy is titanium, but it is also 4% aluminium, 2.5% vanadium, and 1.5% iron. As such, it has great strength and corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures such as during re-entry.


Reinforced with a carbon lattice, Blackmetal is used in Daemon Warships. The metal is used in two layers, with a large quantity of daemonic Cubi between them. These cells enable the armour to be regenerated if damaged, as they can reform the metal and establish new lattices- the armour can often be seen visibly repairing.

The Cubi also act as the ship's mind, and control the various systems. They are always under the guidance of a ship commander (usually Afrit), and often viciously attack enemies without consideration.

It is also used to build Daemon Fortresses.

Daemon Technology
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