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Blazewing (once known as The Child) is the offspring of the Gehennians Death's Shadow and Umbran. He is a rebel Gehennian, and he is considered one of the greatest threats to the Daemon rule of the universe.



Blazewing is very different from any other living Gehennian, due to the nature of sexual Recombinatory Parthenogenesis. He is smaller than most of them, but faster and with more acute senses.


Veiled One emotions have manifested in Blazewing. He loves beauty and freedom, with strong senses of curiosity and love for the universes. It is known that he abhors the act of killing, and avoids all unnecessary violence whenever possible.

He has not been scarred by his past, still trying to live life to the full. He attempts to explain his sentiments to others often, lapsing into long speeches about the wonders of the universe.


Blazewing's specific armoury is currently unknown. No radiation can penetrate its scales, and it can shrug off attacks from the most powerful weapons.

It is known that he has no ranged weapons, relying on his claws and tail scythe. These seem able to breach repulsor barriers, Flame Bubbles, and Nanodiamond.

Relations with other beings

Blazewing remains fond of his parents, though he hates Hectocapitus intensely. His greatest wish is to free the Gehennians.

He travels with Fire Opal, a fellow free Gehennian. The two beings are lovers. It is rumoured that they are attempting to sexually produce children, so as to raise up more rebels for their cause.


Blazewing was conceived by The Seven Umbran and Death's Shadow. Hectocapitus, fearing that they would produce a child, ordered an end to their relationship. Soon afterwards, Death's Shadow gave birth to him, and smuggled him off of Inferno.

It is unknown where she planned to send the young Blazewing; however, en route, the ship experienced malfunctions and crashed on the planet Styx. Blazewing was discovered and taken in by a band of Rennites, and was raised by them. Death's Shadow and Umbran are unaware of the fate of their child, and may believe him to be dead.

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