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Evil Overlord

Once you're all smoking shreds, I was planning to [leave]. No sense in staying around longer than necessary!

- Bloodburn, shortly before annihilating an enemy

Bloodburn is a Gehennian, a powerful Daemon in the Daemoniverse.


Bloodburn appears as a massive dark dragon, though reddish streaks mark his sides.

He is much larger and tougher than most, with infused tissues and bones. His claws and teeth are also larger.


One of the Seven, Bloodburn is one of Hectocapitus' lieutenants. He is usually employed preparing for Hectocapitus' endless wars. He is the most powerful of all the Seven, and second only to Hectocapitus in the chain of command- however, he has no desire to rebel.

He has a large retinue, composed of Zahhak, Shaytan and Djinn. He prefers elite to numerous troops when possible.

He has a giant Deathship called the Armageddon, and leads the largest fleet assaults.


Bloodburn is usually quite a cold, uncaring individual. However, when angry, he becomes extremely violent and heedless to his surroundings, seeking nothing but the death of his foes.

He enjoys killing and outwitting enemies, but has deep sentiments for those he respects.

He has a great rivalry with Soulbane, magnified since his betrayal.

Relations with other Gehennians

Bloodburn has produced many offspring over the years, including Deadflame, Dusk, Horrorscorch, and many others. He feels a little protective over them, and demands even higher standards from them than the other Gehennians.

He has a good working relationship with a few of the Seven, but looks down on Bahamut, Darkshriek and Arethusa.

He is contemptuous of Skybreaker, Earthrender and most of the others like them.


Bloodburn was born very soon after Hectocapitus was produced, through Recombinatory Parthenogenesis. He and Soulbane were the first Gehennians, and marshals of the young Daemon armies, defeating the Julth and the loyalist Veiled Ones.

After the Julth War, he continued to lead the Daemon armies. He is responsible for the majority of their conquests, including the defeat of the Notrox, the destruction of the civilisation on Gikash, and innumerable other successes.

He takes pride in the number of enemies he has, and never refuses a duel.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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