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Centro at night

Centro is a THI planet near the centre of the Viperius Galaxy. It is a governmental hub, and was the homeworld of the Sii.



A terrestrial world, Centro is quite Earth-like. It is the second (at 0.7AU) of six planets around a K3-class star, quite near the galactic core.


Centro's radius is 0.8 times Earth's radius, and it has a mass that is 42% of Earth's. Its density is 83%, so the surface gravity is 0.66G.


This planet's orbital period is around 241 days, and it takes 22.2 hours to rotate fully. Its axial tilt is 9.38° and stable, due to its moon.


Centro's crust is 24.3% oxygen, 24.1% silicon, 21.4% iron, 14.7% sulphur, 8.2% aluminum, 3.5% other metals, and 3.8% other elements. The sulphur is locked away in sulphates.


Centro's surface is 55% water, with no ice. 40% of the land is covered with city. The surface temperature ranges from -10° (at the poles) to 41° centigrade, though most areas are always around 25°.


The atmosphere here is 47.2% nitrogen, 30.3% argon, 22.3% oxygen and trace other gases.


Centro has a large moon, around 0.9 times the size of Earth's and at 1.4 times the distance. This gives it reasonably mild tides and a stable tilt. There are also hundreds of artificial satellites placed in orbit by the colonizing sapients.

There are twenty space stations in orbit, at varying distances. Eight are CDF bases, of which six are geostationary and two Lagrangian in location. The others are owned by governments or large companies.


Centro hosts a number of aquatic and aerial animals. Many are introduced, such as the ever-present Rizzak.

Many species live on this planet. The cities are built over the ruins of an ancient, advanced civilisation, the Sii. Races currently inhabiting this planet include the:

The Aians have an embassy on the planet. Many corporations, such as Paragon Weapons Systems and Aeon Pharmaceutical, have headquarters here.

The RDC is based on Centro.


Centro has no single ruling group. It is a liberal democracy, with chosen representatives from the Zyrothans, Salsenes, Lutrians, Deraia, Atrenids, Iridi, Arachnus, Phoebus, Banshaen, Alxen, Lentaa, Detroni, Rufans, and Vrah. There are ambassadors for the Aians, Kree, Phoebus, Xodu, Gaedrongo and Velaya. These ambassadors are elected, and the cities are divided into 'demes' to enable this.

The council meets in a large city hall every twenty days. In emergencies, they meet via e-conferencing from safe-houses, and they are kept on high alert till ten days after no disruption is present. They are voted for by constituency, the members of one species choosing their representative but not affecting the votes of the others. In case of a close call, the rest of the Council decides.

The Centro Security Agency, or CSA, is independent of the government and manages the planet's security.

The Credit was first introduced on Centro.

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