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Centro Defence Force

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The Centro Defence Force (CDF) is the military arm of the Centro Security Agency.

The CDF logo


The CDF seeks to defend, pre-emptively or in emergencies, against threats to Centro. It has several branches, and carries out attacks and exploration as well as guarding.


The CDF has around 36 million personnel, of many species. It is the largest branch of the CSA, and of these 20 million are espatiers (equivalent to Earth's marines), 9 million are naval crewmen, 4 million are miscellaneous personnel and 3 million are administrative. 9% of CDF members are officers.

There are members from nearly every race on Centro: Zyrothans, Salsenes, Atrenids, Detroni, Deraia, Alxen, Banshaen, Phoebus, Skarg, Vrah, Xodu, Velaya, and more.

Ranks are as follows (almost exactly the same as the Zyrothan system):

Rank Espatier Crewman US Army Equivalent
E-1 Espatier (spt.) Serviceman (sm.) Private (E-1)
E-2 Espatier 1st class (spt.) Serviceman 1st class (sm.) Private (E-2)
E-3 Lieucorporal (lcpl.) Able serviceman (asm.) Lance Corporal
E-4 Corporal (cpl.) Service corporal (scpl.) Corporal
E-5 Lieusergeant (lsgt.) Fleet corporal (fcpl.) Sergeant
E-6 Low sergeant (sgt.) Fleet corporal 1st class (fcpl.) Staff Sergeant
E-7 Middle sergeant (msgt.) Petty officer (PO) Sergeant 1st class
E-8 High sergeant (hsgt.) Chief petty officer (CPO) First sergeant
E-9 First sergeant Master chief petty officer (MCPO) Sergeant major
O-1 Low lieutenant (llt.) Ensign (ens.) 2nd lieutenant
O-2 Middle lieutenant (lt.) Low lieutenant (llt.) 1st lieutenant
O-3 Low captain (lcpt.) Midlieutenant (mlt.) Captain
O-4 Middle captain (cpt.) Lieutenant commander (lcdr.) Major
O-5 High captain (hcpt.) Commander (cdr.) Lieutenant Colonel
O-6 Low colonel (lcol.) Captain (cpt.) Colonel
O-7 Colonel (col.) Commodore (como.) Brigadier general
O-8 Low general (lgen.) Low admiral (ladm.) Major general
O-9 General (gen.) Middle admiral (adm.) Lieutenant general
O-10 High general (hgen.) High admiral (hadm.) General
* Army marshal Fleet marshal -
** Army high marshal Fleet grand marshal -
*** Grand marshal - Field marshal


The CDF is one of the best-equipped fighting forces in Viperius. Most weapons are from Paragon Weapons Systems.

Standard-issue equipment for an espatier is enclosed Oriscale Body Armour, a Gladius Assault Rifle, and a Frostbite Medium Pistol. They are given a telescopic movement staff, a full integrated HUD and a

The insignia of the CDF fleets


Special espatier equipment may be Stalker Guided Missile Launchers, Vampron Sniper Rifles, Biter Shotguns, incinerators or Vertik Exoskeletons.

Naval personnel usually wear kevlar vests, and carry Mincer Machine Pistols or Frostbite Medium Pistols.


There are ten fleets under the CDF, and around 740 ships. Seven are standard fleets (of which two are reserve) and three are special operations.

The First Fleet contains ninety ships. Thirty are Merkth-class cruisers, eight are Daav-class cruisers, eight are Daybird-class cruisers, four are Xalk-class cruisers, five Sabre Light Cruisers and five Dagger Light Cruisers.

Out of the remaining thirty, eight are Raegon-class battleships, six are Warsong-class battlecruisers, six are Aquila-class battlecruisers, four are Laraya-class battlecruisers, four are Kawar-class battleships and two are Iriyin-class battleships.

Lead ship: CDFS Bastion, Raegon-class battleship

The Second Fleet consists of one hundred and thirty-two ships. Ten are Merkth-class cruisers, ten are Daav-class cruisers, ten are Duren-class cruisers, ten are Daybird-class cruisers, five are Xalk-class cruisers, five are Sabre light cruisers, and five are Dagger light cruisers.

There are ten Haryva-class destroyers, two Vrah hunterships, two Detroni frigates, five Taal-class destroyers, four Brightlance-class frigates, four Alme-class frigates, six Uria-class robotics carriers and two Darh-class frigates.

There are also ten Raegon-class battleships, ten Warsong battlecruisers, four Kawar-class battleships, four Laraya-class battlecruisers, two Traxin-class battleships and two Aquila battlecruisers.

Lead ship: CDFS Athek's Pride, Warsong-class battlecruiser

The Third Fleet has one hundred and five ships. There are five Merkth-class cruisers, five Duren-class cruisers, twenty Daybird-class cruisers, ten Xalk-class cruisers, and ten Dagger Light Cruisers.

Of the remaining fifty, twenty are Harvya-class destroyers, five are Taal-class destroyers, five are Uria-class robotics cruisers and five are Alme-class frigates. There are five Raegon-class battleships, six Warsong-class battlecruisers, five Traxin-class battleships, two Kawar-class battleships and two Aquila-class battlecruisers.

Lead ship: CDFS Endeavour, Atrenid battleship

In the Fourth Fleet are eighty ships. There are twelve Merkth-class cruisers, eight Daav-class cruisers, five Duren-class cruisers, twenty Daybird-class cruisers, five Xalk-class cruisers, two Sabre-class light cruisers and three Dagger-class light cruisers.

Attached to these are ten Harvya-class destroyers, five Uria-class robotics cruisers, five Darh-class frigates, three Laraya-class battlecruisers, one Atrenid battleship, and one Raegon-class battleship.

Lead ship: CDFS Blue River, Laraya-class battlecruiser

The Fifth Fleet is known as the "Last Line". It never leaves Centro's star system, and contains ninety ships. It has four Merkth-class cruisers, four Duren-class cruisers, four Daybird-class cruisers, four Xalk-class cruisers, and four Dagger-class light cruisers. There are also five Harvya-class destroyers, and five Taal-class destroyers.

It has sixty capital ships. Sixteen are Raegon-class battleships, fourteen are Warsong-class battlecruisers, six are Kawar-class battleships, ten are Iriyin-class battleships, four are Aquila-class battlecruisers, and five are Laraya-class battlecruisers.

Lead ship: CDFS Centro's Shield, Raegon-class battleship

The Sixth Fleet is a reserve fleet containing one hundred and ten ships. Twenty are Merkth-class cruisers, ten are Daav-class cruisers, ten are Duren-class cruisers, ten are Daybird-class cruisers, five are Xalk-class cruisers, five are Sabre-class light cruisers, and ten are Dagger-class light cruisers.

Ten are Harvya-class destroyers, five are Darh-class frigates, five are Uria-class robotics cruisers, five are Alme-class frigates, and five are Brightlance-class frigates. There are ten capital ships, of which five are Raegon-class battleships, three are Laraya-class battlecruisers and two are Warsong-class battlecruisers.

Lead ship: CDFS Song of Ishtar, Warsong-class battlecruiser

The Seventh Fleet is the second reserve and final overall fleet. It contains eighty ships, of which ten are Merkth-class cruisers, ten are Daybird-class cruisers, ten are Daav-class cruisers, five are Duren-class cruisers, and five are Dagger-class light cruisers.

There are five Harvya-class destroyers, five Taal-class destroyers, ten Uria-class robotics cruisers, five Alme-class frigates, and five Brightlance-class frigates. Leading are two Raegon-class battleships, two Warsong-class battlecruisers, two Kawar-class battleships, two Aquila-class battlecruisers, and two Laraya-class battlecruisers.

Lead ship: CDFS Chained Lightning, Aquila-class battlecruiser

In addition, there are three special fleets. These are the Respite Fleet, the VLA fleet, and the Special Investigations Fleet (SIF).

The Respite Fleet is based around the Column of Respite, which is the largest ship in the CDF and acts as a central point of co-ordination for the fleets. It is a modified Velayan skyfortress that hovers above Centro. In the Respite Fleet, there are five Merkth-class cruisers, three Daybird-class cruisers, and two Dagger-class light cruisers.

Lead ship: CDFHQS Column of Respite

The VLA Fleet is dedicated to maintaining the array of sensors surrounding Centro's system. It contains ten Dagger-class light cruisers, five Duren-class cruisers, five Uria-class robotics cruisers, ten Brightlance-class frigates, and one Aquila-class battlecruiser.

Lead ship: CDFS Observer, Aquila-class battlecruiser

The Special Investigations Fleet was founded to perform discrete and vital missions for the CDF. Within it, there are three Alme-class frigates, two Brightlance-class frigates, two Darh-class frigates, two Draav-class frigates, one Warsong-class battlecruiser and one Kawar-class battleship.

Lead ship: CDFSIS Persistence, Kawar-class battleship

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