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Chimaeras are Warbeasts created by the Daemons from parts of other species.


The appearance of a chimaera depends on the parts involved, but most usually it has three heads, of which one breathes flame or noxious gas.

Many of the species used are unknown to modern xenobiology.

They may have wings, many limbs, long tails, great speed, acute senses, natural saddles, and so on.


Chimaeras often contain the brains of a species used, modified to follow orders. As such, they hate their own existence, and are driven into miserable rages when seen by others, weeping as they attack.


Chimaeras are let loose on a battlefield away from the frontline, usually commanded from afar by high-caste daemons. Their controllers are usually Korgrath. They are sometimes used as mounts by Riders.

Gehennian, The Seven

Korgrath: Afrit, Praetus, Rider, Marid, Reaper, Tekija, Esumum, The Asura
Grakk: Shaytan, Djinn, Hellhound, Kappa, Ammut, Arachne, Ghoul, Goblin, Rakshasa, Tengu, Alma
Other: Zahhak, Cubi, Tarducus
Warbeasts: Titan, Hydra, Chimaera, Shadow Beast, Grendel
Individuals: Hectocapitus
The Seven: Bloodburn, Umbran, Death's Shadow, Ravana, Darkshriek, Arethusa, Bahamut, Soulbane (ex), Cthire (ex), Etherclaw (ex), Moloch (ex), Flamegift (ex)
Gehennians: Deadflame, Earthrender, Iceflame, Snakesick, Dusk, Skybreaker, Slitherfang, Anathema, Silvereye, Seth, Indigo, Horrorscorch
Korgrath Generals: Skayl, Argoth, Kumbhakarna
Deceased Individuals: Etherclaw, Cthire, Nightshadow, Moloch, Dreadhiss, Venomcry, Flamegift, Eklipse, Chaon

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