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Cimmerian Mind

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The Cimmerian Minds are a type of Boltzmann Entity from Obeidon.

Depiction of a Cimmerian


Cimmerian Minds are small Microverses, full of strings, photons and quark-gluon plasma. Strange and Entropy Fields within them cause sapience to arise within them.

They can use these Strange Fields for other purposes. As they intersect other universes, they can use them to travel at any speed, or defend themselves. Anything touched by a Strange Field becomes Strange Matter, and anything touching this is also transmuted. Planets appear to turn to liquid and sink into themselves, stars fade away into pulsars.

The Entropy Fields are even more powerful. If flipped outside the Mind, they cause everything within a light year to be completely entropised (it is unknown why these transitions do not propagate through the entire universe).

They appear as a formless darkness, and can shapeshift, organs or tools coalescing from their bodies.


Cimmerians are considered alien and unknowable in their goals. They are rarely ever detected, understandably.

Their communications are far too sophisticated for any material being to understand. They are contemptuous of matter and those protecting it.

They hate The Vision, but other Free Minds sometimes join with them.


The Cimmerians have been around since the beginning of Obeidon, though numbers are unknown.

They have been at war with the Vision since its inception.

Notable Cimmerians

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