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Conflagration Cannon

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The Conflagration Cannon is a weapon developed by the Gehennian Indigo.


The Cannon fires a burst of miniature Hellfire Bombs, each shot out at several hundred kilometres per hour. They separate into two parts while in the air- the cap, which hits first and is anti-armour, and the main charge which explodes within this hole.

The power of the weapon is such that it can penetrate nanobot adamant armour if fired a few times at the same area.

It is quite large, around 3m long and 110cm in diameter. It masses 48kg, so only large Korgrath can carry it. Some Zahhak also bear the weapon, as well as the Gehennian Horrorscorch.


The Conflagration Cannon was developed by Indigo on her rise to becoming Hectocapitus' lead researcher. Several hundred have been produced, and mass production is beginning.

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