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The Consecro is a weapon used by Hectocapitus. It is rumored to be one of the greatest weapons in the Daemoniverse.

The weapon is covered with engravings of an ancient text. Nobody has ever bothered to translate it, because it is kept in an inaccessible vault for most of the time and only brought out in extremely important battles. So far, it has only been used in the Julth War.

The Consecro can be mounted on a wheeled base, or it can be held by hand. A trigger is used to fire it.

Its age has been dated at around 4 million BM.


The Consecro was confiscated from a race that was defeated by Hectocapitus. It is known that this weapon delivered the final shot in the Julth War, killing almost all of the Julth. There is a theory that the projectile was some advanced form of Energy Converter Weapon.

There is a legend surrounding the Consecro that it fires only three shots, each more powerful than the last.

In fiction

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