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Cubi are a type of shapeshifting Daemon from the Daemoniverse.

The individual cubes, under a microscope


Cubi are formed from small, glowing cubes, about 1mm in width each. These can form into many shapes, and change colour.

Each cube acts as a neuron, so intelligence is spread through the body. As such, large Cubi are more intelligent.

Two Cubi can join together to make a larger one, or a larger one can split apart. Each cube is capable of a small degree of hovering.


To make more cubes, the Cubi require both metal and flesh. As such, they strip metal items and bodies or devices given to them or in the field.


Cubi that could form a sphere 30cm across have the intelligence of a lizard. If the sphere could be 80cm across, they have the intelligence of a dog. One 2m across could have human-level intelligence, and sapience (however, due to the speed of messaging, not much greater intelligence than this can be achieved).

Memories are stored in the cubes, so a Cubi can split apart and both new bodies will have the same memories.


Cubi are considered out of the caste system, but will usually obey orders given by Gehennians or Korgrath.

They are used in Active Blackmetal, which Daemon Warships and turrets are made of. Most Daemon Fortresses are made of Cubi. They are also occasionally used as thrones for The Seven.

Gehennian, The Seven

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