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Stymphalids, typical cykrons

Cykron (occasionally called Bisape) is the name given to the half-organic, half-mechanical beasts created by the Gehennian Ravana.


Cykrons can take on any form, depending on the creature they were built on and the mechanical attachments that are added to them.


Although cykrons will often play a part in defending planets and fortresses around the Daemoniverse, they were first created by Ravana merely for his amusement.

They are sometimes called Bisapes, because they literally have two minds existing in an interconnecting way. The mechanical mind is almost fully dominant. However, the mind of the original animal is still intact, but it can do nothing about what has happened---only watch and weep. This effect may be different on different species.

Nowadays, most cykrons are constructed through a combination of manpower and automated devices.


After conquering Lanka, Ravana began experimenting on the native lifeforms he had captured. Combining his skill of creating technology and the ferocity of many creatures on the planet, he saw the potential for valuable weapons.

On his first test subject, a bird-like creature, he attached strong mechanical structures to parts of the body. Then, he implanted concealed weaponry on the wings. The result was a truly formidable animal.

However, the creature could not be controlled, so Ravana made a few final improvements. He modified the technology so that the artificial mind was dominant; but a tiny fraction of the animal's original conciousness was still present, and unable to control anything, merely watch what it has become.

Pleased at his creation, he called it a Stymphalid. It was the first cykron.

Ravana quickly performed his procedure on other species, and took it to the next level. It resulted in what he considered to be the pinnacles of the cykron technology: Sirens, fast and deadly predators who used extreme sound to kill; Watchers, immobile guards whose original mind was particularly affected; and Seekers, scouting monstrosities that hunt with pinpoint accuracy.

The Watchers were the first type of cykron to spread across the Daemoniverse, but others soon followed. Still, not many cykrons exist outside Lanka, although.

New types are still being produced, and there are rumors of even deadlier examples in the woodwork.

Notable Cykrons

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