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Daemon Battlecruiser

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Daemon Battlecruisers are the most common kind of Daemon Warship. There are many millions of them in the Daemon fleets.

Daemon Battlecruisers


These ships are usually around 4000m long, though they can be significantly bigger or smaller. Their wingspans vary greatly, but are generally over two kilometres.

They have Blackmetal hulls, Flame Bubbles, powerful drives and repulsor fields. Their armament is general-purpose and effective, consisting of a few Lucifer Cannons, a batch of Hellfire Bombs, and lots of Rending Cannons and Fury Beams. Some carry Firestorm Cannons.

A Battlecruiser can carry over fifty thousand troops. They bear many dozen Harvengers.


Battlecruisers make up the majority of the Daemon fleets. They engage in space battles, orbital bombardments, sieges, troop movement, and escorting other ships.

Daemon Technology
Daemon Warships: Daemon Deathship, Daemon Battlecruiser, Daemon Transport, Daemon Harvester, Harvenger

Weapons: Hellbeam, Lucifer Cannon, Firestorm Cannon, Rending Cannon, Fury Beam, Hellfire Bomb, Firespitter, Firegnasher, Conflagration Cannon, Consecro, Bad Neighbour, Energy Converter Weapon
Defenses: Blackmetal, Neutronium-metal, Flame Bubble, Hellfire Shield
Other: Gehennian Armoury, Daemon Fortress

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