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Daemon Deathship

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Daemon Deathships are the largest kind of Daemon Warship. They are usually captained by a Gehennian.

A Deathship


Deathships are commonly 15km or more long. Their diversity in forms is extremely great, often with pointless or decorative extensions, wings, and other protrusions. They have thick hulls of active Blackmetal and are as such well-armoured and capable of regenerating after damage. They also have powerful Flame Bubbles and repulsors.

Their armament is similarly extensive. They bear dozens of Lucifer Cannons, Hellfire Bombs, Firestorm Cannons, Fury Beams and Rending Cannons.

They have an Ultradrive, but can also enter the Crossverse.

Recently, Hectocapitus has ordered a programme of Deathship upgrading and upsizing.


Each has the capacity for hundreds of thousands of Daemon troops, though in practice only a few thousand are typically carried. They are like a city in themselves, with slaughterhouses and barracks, kitchens and armouries, and many more.

They always have a complement of Afrit engineers for maintenance. There tend to be many Cubi flying around to monitor the beings on board and to respond to any attack.

They usually carry many hundreds of Harvengers, and sometimes smaller ships like Transports.

A Deathship face-on, with a few Harvengers far closer to the camera

Notable Deathships

Daemon Technology
Daemon Warships: Daemon Deathship, Daemon Battlecruiser, Daemon Transport, Daemon Harvester, Harvenger

Weapons: Hellbeam, Lucifer Cannon, Firestorm Cannon, Rending Cannon, Fury Beam, Hellfire Bomb, Firespitter, Firegnasher, Conflagration Cannon, Consecro, Bad Neighbour, Energy Converter Weapon
Defenses: Blackmetal, Neutronium-metal, Flame Bubble, Hellfire Shield
Other: Gehennian Armoury, Daemon Fortress

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