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Daemon Fortress

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On conquered worlds, Daemons often build enormous fortresses.


Fortresses can be extremely large. The smallest have a footprint of around a square mile, and the largest are the size of a large town. Often, they have a spaceport and many factories attached.

They tend to have high, spiked towers. Often, gibbets and gruesome images are displayed on the high walls. Large turrets stand on the wall towers, and any entrances are heavily guarded. Rending Cannons or other weapons are always mounted on the walls.

Usually, the fortress is made in sections, the first enclosing the next. Building materials include blackmetal, steel and granite. Fortresses made of Cubi have been seen, constantly shifting and changing shape.

Notable Fortresses

Daemon Technology
Daemon Warships: Daemon Deathship, Daemon Battlecruiser, Daemon Transport, Daemon Harvester, Harvenger

Weapons: Hellbeam, Lucifer Cannon, Firestorm Cannon, Rending Cannon, Fury Beam, Hellfire Bomb, Firespitter, Firegnasher, Conflagration Cannon, Consecro, Bad Neighbour, Energy Converter Weapon
Defenses: Blackmetal, Neutronium-metal, Flame Bubble, Hellfire Shield
Other: Gehennian Armoury, Daemon Fortress

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