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Daemon Transport

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Daemon Transports are a type of Daemon Warship. They act as transport ships, moving Daemon troops and

A number of Daemon Transports

equipment throughout the Daemoniverse.


Daemon Transports are usually 3600m or so in length and have a wingspan of around 2000m. They have Blackmetal hulls, Flame Bubbles and repulsor fields.

They bear mainly Rending Cannons, sometimes also with Fury Beams. These allow them to act as fire support and clear paths for landing troops.

They usually carry around 40,000 normal troops, or large quantities of vehicles, Warbeasts, supplies and other such things.


Daemon Transports are used by the Daemons to move troops and equipment from place to place, and support what they unload after landing.

Daemon Technology
Daemon Warships: Daemon Deathship, Daemon Battlecruiser, Daemon Transport, Daemon Harvester, Harvenger

Weapons: Hellbeam, Lucifer Cannon, Firestorm Cannon, Rending Cannon, Fury Beam, Hellfire Bomb, Firespitter, Firegnasher, Conflagration Cannon, Consecro, Bad Neighbour, Energy Converter Weapon
Defenses: Blackmetal, Neutronium-metal, Flame Bubble, Hellfire Shield
Other: Gehennian Armoury, Daemon Fortress

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