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Daemon Warship

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Daemons use Warships to invade other planets and move around in space.

A selection of Warship types


There is a great deal of variation amongst Daemon ships. However, all have a blackmetal hull, Flame Bubble, and an Ultradrive. Afrit are usually the navigators and engineers, who interface with the Cubi mind in control.

Ships are often equipped with Infernal Bombs and mass drivers (including Rending Cannons), though larger ones sometimes bear Lucifer Cannons and/or Firestorm Cannons. A small group of these warships could raze a planet's surface.

Some exceptional Deathships (only four) carry Hellbeams.


As mentioned, there is much variation. However, they can usually be divided into-

Transports- Ships with large areas for holding armies and equipment. Also have powerful weaponry.

Battlecruisers- Large ships, which carry Daemon armies and provide effective fire support. The most common type of Daemon warship.

Harvesters- Ships with massive mining and freighting equipment, to strip worlds and take the resources.

Deathships- The largest kind, these are always carrying hundreds of weapons. They often serve as flagships. Bloodburn has a particularly impressive ship called Armageddon.


In addition to troops, Gehennians, and Warbeasts being transported, Warships often carry Harvengers.


Warships are built by vast armies of Grakk or slave labourers, usually under orders by Gehennians. Cthire was known for his spaceship design, making many of today's better warships.

Notable Warships

Daemon Technology
Daemon Warships: Daemon Deathship, Daemon Battlecruiser, Daemon Transport, Daemon Harvester, Harvenger

Weapons: Hellbeam, Lucifer Cannon, Firestorm Cannon, Rending Cannon, Fury Beam, Hellfire Bomb, Firespitter, Firegnasher, Conflagration Cannon, Consecro, Bad Neighbour, Energy Converter Weapon
Defenses: Blackmetal, Neutronium-metal, Flame Bubble, Hellfire Shield
Other: Gehennian Armoury, Daemon Fortress

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