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The Daemoniverse.

The Daemoniverse is a misty red space interspersed with enormous earthbergs, a universe within the Obeidon multiverse. The red colour is a result of ambient post-stellar gas that provides a sort of "aether." The largest planet in this universe is called Inferno, and is home to a group of malevolent creatures called Daemons.

The Crossverse 'around' the Daemoniverse is heavily populated by Julth.


The Hellstar is the one of many stars in this universe, and the one with the most habitable planets. Inferno serves as the capital for the Daemons, and their capital city Pandaemonium is located here.

Inferno, Styx, Ymir, Lanka, Nether, and Unda are all planets orbiting the Hellstar. They have different surface conditions, but are all habitable.

There are many other stars in the Daemoniverse, but they are all either dead or dying. The planet Gikash orbits a neutron star, and there are many around white dwarves.


A sapient race known as Daemons inhabit this universe. These creatures are the result of a desperate Veiled One experiment gone wrong during the Julth War, and want nothing less than to conquer everything. The three castes below are the main divisions, although others exist, such as the shapeshifters called Cubi. In addition, the Daemons have created the Warbeasts.

Grakk - Usually red Daemons that serve as foot soldiers, and are by far the most numerous. There are many subspecies.

Korgrath - Larger, usually darker coloured Daemons, who command armies of Grakk. There are a few subspecies.

Gehennians - These Daemons are great black dragons who rule over their race, treated as gods. The mightiest among them is known as Hectocapitus and is the de facto ruler of Daemonkind, although not the entire universe.

Also in this universe are the Angeli, who have been at war with the Daemons for thousands of years.

Other free sapient races include the Rennites and Typhons. Daemons have enslaved several races from the Daemoniverse, such as the Geogoth and Ordvokians.

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