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Dagger Light Cruiser

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The Dagger-class Light Cruiser is a ship produced by Paragon Weapons Systems.


At 140m long, and with a width of 64m at its widest point, the Dagger-class light cruiser has two long but not protrusive wing/radiators. The ship has two VFH-B engines at the rear, as well as four VGO-D manoeuvring thrusters, and a nose-mounted VFH-B engine. They have a Hyperdrive.

For power, there is a 50mx50mx11m He-3 fusion torus, and four hydrogen fuel cells which act as auxiliary generators. These are located just in front of the rear engines.

For its armour, the Dagger light cruiser has a 4-inch carbide layer over 12-inch armour (nickel-chromium-molybdenum) steel. There is a petros-NE class repulsor field.

There is sufficient room for 60 Zyrothan-sized crew members. The ship is not designed for independent missions, and so has a relatively primitive life support system (BD-class). This can support only 2 crew members for 10 years without setting down.

This class of light cruiser has optical and infrared telescopes, as well as RADAR and LIDAR. It has a small drone hangar and facilities to hold fourteen Manurill-class shuttles.


There are bearings on the Dagger for four mass cannons, four laser bays, and eight point-defense turrets. It has two built-in torpedo/missile tubes, and a bomb bay.


As the Dagger is designed to stay quite close to planets, it sees most use by the Centro Defence Force and planetary militias or defence forces.

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