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Evil Overlord

Deadflame is a Gehennian, a Daemon from the Daemoniverse.


Otherwise a fairly ordinary Gehennian, Deadflame has nanotube-augmented bones with adamant reinforcement, also protected with a prototype miniaturised Hellfire Shield.

He also is capable of regrowing damage by producing cells from his bones, using matter from the ground.

As a result, if Deadflame is bombed, shot, burnt or otherwise killed, his bones and sealed brain will survive, then regenerate the flesh. This can take less than a minute.


Reckless and seeking to please, Deadflame often joins in battles.

He believes he should be one of The Seven, and as such has a very sarcastic tone when talking to other Gehennians, and is jealous of those above him. He is dismissive of those below him too, often throwing Grakk out the way in an attempt to find 'good kills'.

Reasonably insane (for a Gehennian), Deadflame is quick to laugh or sneer. He enjoys making jokes and having the approval of powerful Gehennians.


In addition to standard Gehennian equipment, Deadflame has a powerful vaporisation field around his bones. This can destroy matter in contact with great ease, shearing through even nanodiamond or other such materials.

Relations with other Gehennians

Deadflame is fond of Bloodburn, his father. He redoubles his efforts to impress in front of him.

Deadflame has great respect for Seven members such as Umbran, Death's Shadow and Ravana.

However, he dislikes Bahamut, Iceflame and Skybreaker greatly. Even more so than this, he harbours enormous loathing for Darkshriek, whose place he believes should be his.


Deadflame was born through Recombinatory Parthenogenesis from Bloodburn.

From the beginning, he showed himself to be a capable if impetuous warrior, dominating the weaker and always at the forefront in assaults. He was also capable of using trickery to show himself as well as possible.

As such, Hectocapitus has made him one of the leaders of the non-Seven Gehennians. He is sent on high-risk missions.

He spends a lot of time away from other Gehennians, travelling and killing of his own accord.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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