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Death's Shadow

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Death's Shadow






Evil Overlord

Death's Shadow is a Gehennian, and one of Hectocapitus' Seven lieutenants.


Not a large Gehennian, Death's Shadow is much more gracile than the others. She bears blue feathers and frills.

Her wings are large and thick, letting her move rapidly.


Coldly intelligent, Death's Shadow has the mind of an assassin. She is incredibly calm and focussed on her goals.


Death's Shadow's weaponry is far more precise and accurate than that of the others, her plasma beam being one of the most feared weapons from the Daemoniverse.

She also has a dart gun and vibro-claws, both designed for stealthy use.

She has a cloaking device that protects her from all but the best sensors, rendering her almost invisible as radiation simply slips round her.


Due to her honesty and the fact she does not scheme for power, Death's Shadow is one of the more trusted Seven.

Her spaceship, the Antagonist, has a Hellbeam.

Relations to other Seven

Death's Shadow was mates with Umbran at one point. However, this relationship was ended by Hectocapitus, who feared their sexually produced offspring would become more powerful than him. It is rumored that the two still have feelings for each other, although neither will admit to it.

Despite this, she did give birth to a child- Blazewing.

The other Seven regard her as weak and vulnerable.


Death's Shadow is the third-oldest living loyal Seven member, after Bloodburn and Umbran. She was born through Recombinatory Parthenogenesis from Hectocapitus at around 2.145(.600) AM, replacing a recently killed Seven member.

She soon proved valuable to Hectocapitus, breaking the second siege of Nether almost single-handedly, assassinating twenty-four Typhon Flame-Fathers, two Notrox Masters, eighty Archangeli, four hundred Zors, and three rebel Gehennians.

After the mysterious death of Etherclaw (a Seven member), she was given his ship, the Antagonist. Under Hectocapitus' orders, it was fitted with a Hellbeam and cloaking device.

It is known she once entered Vesania before, but will not speak of it.

More recently, she saw the Rennite victory on Styx after Soulbane's betrayal.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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