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up to 2.3 metres


up to 1.9 metres






Highly advanced (Class IX)

The Detroni are a race of class IX sapients from the Viperius Galaxy.


Detroni are bipedal animals, with a three-jawed mouth and two eyes on long stalks. These eyes have trichromatic vision and good detail and depth perception, but bad focus.

The jaws are large and tough, composed of chitin like their hide and bones. They are used to break apart food before it is eaten. Despite their composition, Detroni bones are tough and repair quickly. The chitin grows from cuticles embedded in the flesh.

Detroni have two arms ending in four long fingers and an opposable thumb. Their legs are long, and the knees are behind the hips. They are fast runners, and good on all terrain.

The Detroni immune system is very notable. All cells are a part of it, to an extent, and each one produces powerful broad-spectrum toxins and can produce antibodies. They also have specialised immune cells which actively pull microbes apart.

Their body temperature can vary from 35 to 45 degrees, making them more adaptable to different climates than most sapients. This is possible due to their different amino acid composition, which makes their enzymes more tolerant of temperature, and their brains, in which the neurons are connected by electrolytic fluid rather than synapses.

Detroni have two hearts, one of which pumps to the lungs and the other of which pumps to the body. One can work without the other.


Detroni are omnivorous, eating meat and the tough, fleshy fruits of the trees they bring with them on the ships and in their colonies.

Their different amino acid composition means the meat of most species provides insufficient nutriment for them. Also notable is their allergy to Aian cells.


Viviparous and sexual, female Detroni are nevertheless capable of parthenogenesis if needed. Gestation takes seven months, and two to four offspring are typically born.

For the first month of their life, Detroni are highly vulnerable as their chitin bones and hide are not hard enough. They feed off cropmilk until they are ten months old.


Detroni are sapient beings. They have good creative capacities and an innate curiosity about the universe.

They think fast, and tend not to consider the long-term consequences of their actions. As they age, they seem to think things through in more depth.


The Detroni are culturally adaptable, taking parts of alien cultures and absorbing these into their own. Little of the culture that the first spacefaring Detroni had remains.

They have no single leader or president, instead falling under the control of their fleet's commander or the greatest authority on their planet of residence.

They have marriage, and around 60% of Detroni adults are in a permanent relationship. Children are looked after until they can care for themselves.


The Detroni have developed class IX technology.


Detroni ships are long and sleek, with powerful drives and Hyperdrive technology. They have fullerite hulls and repulsor fields, as well as powerful sensor arrays and high quality living conditions.

A Detroni ship

They range from 50m to 8km long, and often have weapons bought from other species. However, the HESH anti-repulsor missiles they often carry seem to be of their own design.


Detroni tend to use Paragon Weapons Systems equipment in the field.


Detroni ship computers are hard artificial intelligences. They have control over trajectory and targeting solutions, though a crewmember of high rank must verify the competency of these before they are used.


Detroni-built settlements are large, circular towns radiating outwards as they grow. The outer buildings are fortresses, which are then divided into flats when the town grows past them. The central building is the city hall, where the major decisions are made.

Detroni-built houses in multispecies settlements are tall and grey, with many windows and a rigid structure.


The Detroni come from the planet Etaris. When they developed FTL travel in 3.999(.902) AM and achieved first contact, there was a mass exodus and almost all Detroni left the planet, travelling to new star systems and cities in small fleets.

Relations with other races

Detroni reside on many planets, including Centro and Kaedel's Hope. They have no single government of authority, so have no official relationships with other species.

However, Detroni hold special respect for the Iridi.

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