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Domain of Fear

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The Domain of Fear

The Domain of Fear is a region in the Vesania Universe, 50000 light years from the Serenus Galaxy in Tranquil.


An enormous gravitational vortex produces an immensely thick dark nebula around this area, so much so that light can only penetrate a light year into its five-light year thick shell. Anything coming in is buffeted and abraded, so most ships entering it crash.


Within this is a massive area of space. The stars here are very old, so most are red dwarves. There are also many white dwarves, neutron stars and black holes.

There are planets here too. The gravitational disturbance fills this space too, so extreme tidal effects make almost all terrestrial planets just about habitable.

There is dust within this area. It bombards the atmospheres of the planets, producing a constant infrasound boom over the landscapes. It also shapes the wind and sea, causing erosion to create even eerier and more bizarre forms. The life here is warped too, often biomechanical (it is believed an advanced civilisation once existed here) and black to maximise heat absorpion.

Notable Planets

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