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Dreadhiss involved in some sort of nameless scheme.

Dreadhiss was a female Gehennian, the daughter of Umbran.


Dreadhiss was quite typical in appearance; a large, black dragon-like creature.


Dreadhiss was a scheming individual; she always seemed to have a diabolical plot. She was known to be just as likely to try and kill one of The Seven as she was to kill an Angelus.

None of her plans seemed to work, leading her to be constantly ridiculed by other Gehennians.


After she attempted to kill Umbran, he had her sent to Ymir, a barren ice world. Thus her official position is minion of Darkshriek. However, Darkshriek was somewhat attracted to her, and she played that to her advantage, manipulating him whenever she could.


Dreadhiss was killed by Soulbane while on Styx. It seems that she discovered the fact that he was in league with Rothel and was in fact scheming to seize control of the Daemoniverse.

In Fiction

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