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Eklipse was a female Gehennian, from the Daemoniverse.



Eklipse was a dark-coloured Gehennian. She had many, metallic spines and large wings, as well as narrow orange eyes.

Her underside was a lighter grey.


Eklipse was sane, but only just. She was prone to mood swings and became emotional quickly.

She did not do much plotting.


Eklipse had the standard Gehennian Armoury.

Relations with other Gehennians

Eklipse was the daughter of Moloch. She often sought to please him.

She had a good relationship with Death's Shadow, Nightshadow, and Etherclaw.

She had no enemies amongst her kind, unusually.


Eklipse was born in 2.279(.) AM.

She found fame in the first battles against the Notrox, but they were her undoing.

After a few months of war, she died fighting Tioni after being injured during a boarding action.

In Fiction

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