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Esumum are a subtype of Korgrath, a subspecies of Daemon. They inhabit the planet Ymir.


Like most Korgrath, Esumum are roughly humanoid in shape. To cope with the cold conditions on Ymir, they are furred on all of their body, with the exception of the face and wings. The fur, skin on the face and wings are white.

The wings of an Esumum are leathery yet rarely used for flight, as there is simply nowhere they need to go. They can be folded onto the back, so they do not lose as much heat. They are normally only opened to their full extent for display, or the rare occasions when they do fly.

The head of an Esumum has two curling horns like a ram, one on each side of the head. These look like they are made of ivory, and are completely black.

The hands and feet of an Esumum are clawed and can be used as weapons. The claws are also black and made of the same material as their horns.


Esumum are fairly intelligent, for Korgrath. They are aggressive and quick to anger, though obey their Gehennian masters without exception.

They are often used to patrol Ymir.

Gehennian, The Seven

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