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Evil Overlord



Etherclaw was one of The Seven over a million years ago, one of Hectocapitus' lieutenants.


A Gehennian, Etherclaw had a black-scaled back and a paler underside. His eyes stood out, glowing bright yellow. Rune-like symbols were present on his underside. Reasonably gracile, he was fast and had acute senses.


Etherclaw was intelligent, ruthless and slightly insane. He talked fast, but was very guarded about his thoughts and emotions.

Though born of Hectocapitus, he was always combative against his Master, declining to call him by the appointed titles and often inciting other Gehennians to think for themselves.

However, he did not disobey Hectocapitus, and was so capable in battle that Hectocapitus was forced to retain him in his position.


Etherclaw had a Veiled One mass shifter within his body. This meant he could make himself basically incorporeal and invisible, passing through low-density objects. However, he could not travel shifted for a long time or through very dense objects.

This device was also used in his claws- he created flowing fields over them, causing extreme rending in objects he attacked. In his armour, it made projectiles ineffective.

In addition to this, he had the standard Gehennian Armoury. His plasma beam was rather conventional, and little used. However, he also had a net-firing gun, a flechette launcher, and a poisonous acid dart-gun.


Etherclaw was one of The Seven, and high even amongst them. He was below Bloodburn and Soulbane, but above the others.

He was given the Antagonist as gratitude by Hectocapitus, the ship that currently belongs to Death's Shadow.

Relations with other Gehennians

Etherclaw disliked most other Gehennians, particularly Hectocapitus. He respected Bloodburn, Umbran, and Death's Shadow, however.


Etherclaw was produced by Hectocapitus in 2.170(.562) AM.

From the beginning, he showed his prowess in battle. He defeated the first Notrox assault, and recovered the citadel in Prossdon, within a hundred years of his birth.

He recovered his Mass Shifter himself, from the then recently exposed Samian ruins. He worked with Death's Shadow and Hellspit to create many of his mouth-mounted weapons.

He fought the Angeli many times, though he was reluctant to do so. He broke the third Typhon surge.

He is supposed killed in mysterious circumstances, though his body has never been recovered. As he expressed when last seen, his possessions (including his ship) went to Death's Shadow.

In Fiction

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