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Firestorm Cannon

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The Firestorm Cannon is a Daemon weapon mounted on Daemon Warships.

A Firestorm shot hitting the ground


The Firestorm Cannon is a mass driver that fires compressed and shaped octanonitrocubane, an extremely powerful explosive which does not require air to detonate, with layers of napalm-like chemicals over it. The projectile is held in a ferrous sabot for firing. Upon detonation, these will spray out over the target. Most ship-grade Firestorm Cannons fire a series of these projectiles, chained together. Some intra-atmospheric ones use thermobaric explosives rather than the ONC charge.

The explosive yield of a single projectile is in the order of half a kiloton to twelve kilotons. Thermobaric versions can clear an area of radius 500m.

Projectiles can be remotely detonated by the firer.


Firestorm Cannons are usually mounted on Warships, though some Daemon Fortresses are equipped with them.

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