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Flame Bubble

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Flame Bubbles are a type of defensive shield used by Daemon Warships.

A Flame Bubble under fire. The warship is the dark rectangle at centre


The ship contains generators which produce a large quantity of fusing plasma. This is deployed in a large bubble around the ship. The larger the ship, the more material can be emitted, so the more powerful the shield (see below for exception).

Incoming projectiles are vaporised by the enormous heat, and energy weapons are scattered within it. Where the bubble is hit, a bright light can be seen.


The Armageddon carries a Hellfire Shield.

Death's Shadow has modified her ship, the Antagonist, to produce a flame bubble which permits cloaking. This flame bubble is also an exception to the size rule due to its colder state, being as powerful as that of a ship twice the size.

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