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Free Mind

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Free Mind
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None, drawing energy from vacuum



Free Minds are Obeidon's most common type of Boltzmann Brain.


Free Minds arise from fluctuations in the Multiversal 'fabric', with neurons made from cosmic strings and other kinds of fundamental entities.

They are a kind of Microverse, which intersect other universes in various forms. Generally, they appear as a ball of electricity, due to electromagnetic interactions between the fabrics.

They observe any electromagnetic energies falling upon them, including light, heat radiation, gamma rays, magnetic fields and so on. This means they can detect any matter.

They are capable of shaping and channeling this current, creating electric fields or lightning-like discharges. The largest can reduce worlds to cinder.


There are six types of Free Mind.

  • Esas are the smallest and weakest. They can produce currents much like that of an electric eel, with short range, and cannot move through dimensions alone.
  • Dyosi are the second smallest group, and slightly more intelligent. They can produce small lightning bolts, lightning bubbles for defense, and magnetic fields strong enough to lift iron filings.
  • Trora can produce million-volt lightning bolts, strong lightning bubbles, and can lift up large metal objects such as swords. They are around human-level in intelligence.
  • Tessaia often carry Esas through dimensions. They can produce ten-million -volt electrolasers, accelerate cars to several kilometres per second, and warp other magnetic fields.
  • Pentos are the second most powerful kind of Mind. They can produce currents strong enough to electrify atmospheres, distort planetary magnetospheres, charge ships sufficiently to destroy them, and are brilliant tacticians.
  • Exas are the most powerful kind of Mind. They are capable of shredding stars and accelerating neutron stars to several kilometres per second. They can break apart planets or fry them, and can create Dimensional Rifts with their passing.


The intelligence of Minds is highly variable. It correlates with size, so the largest are most intelligent, but all are capable of communication, planning, and learning from experience.


Most Minds are part of The Vision, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of life. However, there are other factions and renegades.


All types of Mind except Esas are capable of possession. They take control of the signals going in and out of a computer or brain, and so control an individual.

Dyosi, Trora, Tessaia and Pentos cannot access shielded, well-armoured brains or electronics.

Possessed items still have the Mind's powers, though their use often causes damage to the possessed as well.


Free Minds have been around since the beginning of Obeidon. They arose from the fluctuations within the primordial multiversal fabric, along with many other kinds of Boltzmann Brain.

The 'place' in which they arose is the non-existent location of the Multiversal Fabric.

The more powerful amongst them gathered an army around themselves, and so the first factions of Free Mind arose.

There have been many wars, empires, and developments in their history. No living Free Mind is thought to be more than a trillion years old, and few have ever been spoken to, so very little is known about their past.

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