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Gehennian Armoury

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These are the items used by Gehennians in combat. Much of it is Veiled One technology, or adapted from it.


Gehennians have a plasma beam and vibro-claws as their standard armament.

Plasma Beam

Gehennians have a large plasma containment cell at the rear of their mouth. As they fly, they pick up hydrogen-containing molecules, which are then reduced to pure hydrogen and waste gases. The hydrogen is heated massively and launched through coils at the target, in a long jet. A standard jet at its highest setting contains 0.05kg of plasma, launched at 1% light speed. This has the power of 17 tons of TNT. However, Gehennians can modulate yield.

Some Gehennians have had this upgraded, such as Death's Shadow making her beam more focussed.


Gehennian claws are modified so that their carbide types vibrate at a frequency of up to 10000Hz.

Many Gehennians have had these adapted.

Shockwave Launcher

This rare device, carried by Skybreaker, produces an enormously powerful airblast. It can destroy buildings from many hundreds of metres away.


Main article: Hellbeam

This is a laser-carried anti-proton beam. Only Hectocapitus and the more powerful Daemon Warships have one.


Main article: Blueblade

Some Gehennians wield custom-made, lengthened blueblades. These are like those of other Daemons, except larger and more powerful.

Rending Cannon

Main article: Rending Cannon

Some Gehennians carry these guns, held or attached to the armour.


Etherclaw had a net-launching gun within his mouth, by the plasma beam. The net was ejected at 30m/s, and was 5m wide, made from condensed aluminium.

Flechette Gun

Also owned by Etherclaw was this flechette gun. It fired twenty 5 gram darts, at 30m/s. They had low penetrative power, but were heated red-hot and had a wide spread.

Poison Acid Dart-Gun

This device fired single, 50g darts. They were 10cm long and full of fluroantimonic acid, and were covered by a thin layer of cyanide.


Main article: Consecro

This weapon, carried only by Hectocapitus, is rumored to be one of the most powerful instruments of destruction in the Daemoniverse.

Energy Converter Weapon

Main article: Energy Converter Weapon

All of The Seven are equipped with these Julth-killing devices. They can fire the weapons like plasma beams, alternating between the two at will.


Gehennians use armour to protect themselves from attack.

Nanobot Adamant Armour

Gehennian scales are actually composed of nanobots, which fuse together to create an immensely strong and hard material, which protects the Gehennian from extremes of temperature as well as kinetic attacks. It is reinforced with a nanotube lattice and a bony backlayer. There is also usually a repulsor field built in.

Gehennians can withstand kiloton-force nuclear bombs.

Gehennian Plate Armour

Most Gehennians put on this armour over their scales in battle. It is heat and chemical resistant, also containing strong repulsor fields, but inhibits movement slightly. Spikes and inbuilt guns allow greater ability in battle.


Main article: Neutronium-metal

Hectocapitus has armour made from this substance, making him virtually indestructible.

Other Devices

Many other bits of equipment are used.

Cloaking Device

Death's Shadow has a device that bends light (infrared to ultraviolet) around her body. It is built into her scales, and also lessens the power of laser and energy weapons, as they are diverted away.

Repulsor Wings

Gehennians could not fly solely on wing power. Within their pinions are repulsor devices, which let give them extra upthrust to allow them to lift off easily.

Hyperspace Denial

Gehennians contain an interior Hyperspace denial system, which they can use to trap hyperspace ships. It has a radius of effect of around 10km.

Mass Shifter

Etherclaw possessed this piece of Veiled One technology. By moving his mass into an empty dimension, he could make himself basically incorporeal and invisible, passing through low-density objects. However, he could not travel shifted for a long time or through very dense objects.

This device was also used in his claws- he created flowing fields over them, causing extreme rending in objects he attacked.

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