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Gikash is a dead world in the Daemoniverse, orbiting a neutron star.

The barren, ashen surface of Gikash. From closer in, evidence of civilisation can be seen


Gikash is very similar to Earth, and most scholars believe it was once habitable. Some say the geometrical patterns on Gikash's surface and on its moon clearly show cities were once present, and the moon shows evidence of an artificial atmosphere.


Gikash has 1.01 times Earth's radius, 0.99 times its mass and 96% Terran density, and therefore has a gravity of 0.97G.


Gikash's rotational period is 30.22 hours, and it has a stable axial tilt of 19.73°.


Gikash has a rough surface, dominated by mountains and lava plains. Its crust is 40% oxygen, 29% silicon and 23% iron, along with other elements. There is no visible water or ice on the surface, though much has been detected within the crust. The temperature varies between -20° and 80°C, averaging around 38°. This changes rapidly due to the thin atmosphere.

The tell-tale signs of mass-driver bombardment and enormous scale bombing are visible as great chasms and craters in the relief.


Gikash has an anomalously thin atmosphere, which some claim must have been actively destroyed. Its pressure is around a fifth of Earth's, and it is 70% nitrogen and 27% carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other such compounds are also widely present.

These enormous towers are the greatest evidence for civilisation on Gikash. However, some counter that they could be Daemon-built (lighting is very amplified)


Gikash has a large, stabilising moon, around 1.2 times Luna's mass at 1.1 times the distance, and is the result of an early massive impact. This moon shows evidence of civilisation and bombardment, as well as an artificial atmosphere. A massive chasm, 50km deep and 100km wide, dug straight into the moon's surface, is also visible. It must have been robo-mined due to its regularity.

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