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Daemon Overlord

And how do you think you're going to do that? The Master is unstoppable!

- Death's Shadow on Hectocapitus

Hectocapitus is the most powerful Daemon in the Daemoniverse, and as such their supreme commander. Lesser Daemons often refer to him as "Master" or "The Dark Lord".


A Gehennian, he appears as a massive dark dragon. He is enormously large and strong, more powerful than any of the Seven or his other Gehennians.

Being the first Gehennian, there are several differences between him and the others that either were selected against or could not pass to his children.

He is capable of Recombinatory Parthenogenesis, like all Gehennians. He is the father of most of the Seven, and a few others besides.


Hectocapitus has the best available weaponry. He has an intensely amplified Hellbeam which appears different from a conventional plasma beam due to its red appearance and greater power, and as such he can destroy oncoming ships and even destroy cities on a planet's surface.

His armour is also different, formed from compressed, suspended neutronium-metal. As such, he is virtually indestructible.

He also possesses the Consecro, and often brings the Bad Neighbour to war.


Hectocapitus was once the ruler (or 'Servant') of the Veiled Ones, named Daystar.

However, late in the Julth War he volunteered for a project, pioneered by the scientist Gehenne , which would transform him into a powerful warrior, capable of turning the tide of the war. So he became the first Gehennian. This suceeded, but drove him insane. He turned against his creators, releasing a virus that mutated Veiled Ones into Daemons. Afterwards, he eliminated nearly all the Julth in existence by firing the Consecro, ending the war. Within days he conquered the entire Daemoniverse, with his army of Daemons, bearing the Seven members Bloodburn and Soulbane soon after his metamorphosis.

Since then, he has led many wars against other species. He currently resides in the Tower, in Pandaemonium.

The Seven

Hectocapitus also has a set of seven lieutenants called the Seven. They are the foremost among the Gehennians, reproduced pathenogenically from Hectocapitus (or raised from the other Gehennians in exceptional circumstances).

There have been dozens of Seven members through Daemon history. Bloodburn and Soulbane were the first produced, and Bloodburn is still alive and loyal.

In Fiction

Hectocapitus has appeared in fiction both as Daystar and Hectocapitus.

As Daystar

As Hectocapitus

Gehennian, The Seven

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