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A Hellbeam is a devastating weapon from the Gehennian Armoury, originally Veiled One Technology. One is used by Hectocapitus.

File:Hellbeam impacting ground.png
A Hellbeam hitting the ground


The Hellbeam is not a conventional weapon. An antiproton particle beam is contained within a red laser, usually carrying around 0.01g of antimatter (enough to cause a 0.43 kiloton release of energy). However, this can be regulated. The transfer to gamma rays is approximately 74% efficient.

The laser itself can be used independently, with a power of up to 900GW. A one-second pulse from this alone is powerful enough to produce an impulse shock at 1000km in a vacuum.

However, the power source for the weapon takes a few seconds to charge the device. For lower power settings, this is a fraction of a second, but at 9000GW and 10kg of antimatter, it can take up to 5.

The 10,000kg setting takes half a minute to charge.


As this weapon can destroy even the most powerful of foes, and no longer buildable by the Daemons, only six are in existence. One of these is carried by Hectocapitus, and the others are ship-mounted (ship-mounted Hellbeams may use up to 10,000kg of antimatter, a 430 gigaton energy release). A notable ship bearing Hellbeams (two) is the Armageddon.

Ships Armed with Hellbeams

Only these four ships bear Hellbeams, showing Hectocapitus' particular trust in their captains.

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