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Horrorscorch is a younger Gehennian from the Daemoniverse.

Horrorscorch, raising his tail


A red dragon, Horrorscorch is comparatively small. He has many black spines, and large wings.

Most notable is his tail, which has two Blueblades sticking from the end, and a plasma beam.


Horrorscorch is an energetic, restless Gehennian who is constantly seeking destruction.

He is a pyromaniac, setting fire to things whenever he can. His Zahhak carry barrels of propane at all times, which he can take and play with.


Horrorscorch's inventory differs slightly from the standard Gehennian Armoury. His plasma beam is in his tail, with two blueblades, and he has a Conflagration Cannon in his mouth.

He has several Zahhak as bodyguards.

Relations with other Gehennians

Horrorscorch's father is Bloodburn, and he has a rivalry with Bloodburn's other sons such as Deadflame.

He respects all Seven members greatly.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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