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A Hyperdrive is a device which allows objects to access a universe's Hyperspace.


Several convergent designs of Hyperdrive have appeared throughout the multiverse. However, they are all large mechanisms which require a substantial input of electricity (in the order of gigawatts) to function.

The Hyperdrive will extend its area of effect over the whole ship it is placed within and any objects attached.


A Hyperdrive allows an object to leave real space and enter Hyperspace where one exists and where there is no Hyperspace denial system. Once the power supplied to it falls below a critical level, the ship will re-emerge in real space.

If the borderline amount of power is supplied, the object will only partially be moved to hyperspace. It will be able to send and receive messages in both universes.

Hyperspace Denial System

If a Hyperdrive is assembled 'backwards', it will instead project a sphere in which ships cannot enter Hyperspace. The size of the sphere rises proportionally to the power supplied and the size of the emitter, though the larger the emitter, the more increase in size there is to increase the radius the radius the same amount. Likewise, the more power supplied, the less adding more power will affect the radius.

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