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Chief Scientist of the Daemons

Indigo is a female Gehennian who currently lives in the city of Pandaemonium, on Inferno. She is the product of sexual reproduction between Cthire and a female by the name of Plasmine.


Indigo is a purple dragon-like being, with solid blue eyes, and long nose horns. Her wings are equipped with small talons, and her tail's tip has long white fur on it.


Indigo has had her plasma beam converted into a Dimensional Rift-forming device. Forming these rifts is extremely straining on her, and she often needs hours of rest afterwards. These rifts are very unstable, and sometimes allow Julth to enter the Daemoniverse. Because of this, she rarely uses this ability.


Indigo is submissive and nonaggressive, meekly following the orders of The Seven and Hectocapitus. Due to her parentage, she has standard Veiled One emotions, such as love and pity. She cared greatly for her father Cthire, and she wept for days after his death. She may be currently working on a way to clone her father, and thus figuratively to bring him back from the dead.


Indigo is perhaps one of the most technologically gifted Gehennians in the Daemoniverse, and as such as been granted the responsibility of Chief Scientist.

She has constructed devices such as the Conflagration Cannon.


Indigo was born little over three hundred years ago. Her parents, Cthire and Plasmine, had been involved in a sexual relationship for a few years by then, but had avoided detection. However, after the birth of Indigo, Hectocapitus found out, killed Plasmine, and severely reprimanded Cthire. He only allowed Cthire to live as he was a valuable member of the Seven, and at the time Hectocapitus could not afford to lose him.

Indigo herself would have been killed, but she soon developed a meek and submissive personality, and so was deemed to be non-threatening to Hectocapitus' rule.

Gehennian, The Seven

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