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The Inehmud are a species from the Cloud of Tatra. Their homeworld is Dhjep. They are part of the Tatric Alliance.

A drawing of an Inehmud


The Inehmud are a race of powerful but thin creatures, around 2.4m tall and 1.5m long. However, they mass just over 90kg.

Their heads hang forward, and have a mouth at the forwardmost part of the snout. It moves laterally rather than vertically, and has a large number of small teeth. Their eyes are small and set on the sides of their heads. They have scaly, protruding brows.

The arms are long and thick, with hands at the end. Their legs are quite long and end in two-toed hooves.


The Inehmud are an omnivorous species, eating meat, fungus, fruit and pulses.


The Inehmud are sexual, viviparous animals. Young gestate for nine months and are born massing 5kg. They have a kind of fibrous pseudoplacenta which wraps around the baby like a shell, protecting it for its first few months of life.


The Inehmud are an intelligent species. They are both creative and analytical, producing skilled artists and scientists.


Inehmud society is quite hierarchical. It is a patriarchy, with a ruling monarch called the Great Malik. The current Great Malik is Neru the Wise.

The hierarchy is much like a pyramid, with the Great Malik at the top, and then his generals and nobles, and then the professional workers, and then labourers, and then the 'unclean' workers such as street sweepers. Those in one rung have power over those below.


The Inehmud are an advanced culture, with Ultradrive travel, repulsor technology, and powerful ships.

An Inehmud cruiser


The Inehmud have a very large fleet of many thousands of ships, all with Ultradrive, repulsor shielding, artificial gravity, and an array of weapons.

Cruisers are around 40m long, with missiles as their armament. They have aluminium and steel hulls, with a silica coating. They are capable of landing on planets, and are the primary transport on Inehmud worlds, able to carry over forty Inehmud.

Obelisks are the largest type of Inehmud ship. They can be 30km long and have crews of tens of thousands. All along their length are four giant mass drivers, capable of accelerating projectiles to relativistic projectiles at which they can have the same effect as an asteroid massing trillions of tonnes. In addition to this, running along the centre is a particle accelerator which produces an intense neutral particle beam using iron atoms. This is of sufficient power to smash through enemy ships and produce amounts of x-rays which completely sterilise the target.

Obelisks have a layer of rock over fifty metres thick covering their armour. They cannot land on planets, instead launching cruisers to carry personnel and equipment.

An Obelisk


Inehmud transport messages and supplies on ultradrive spacecraft.


The majority of Inehmid weaponry is kinetic weapons using explosive rounds. Most carry a light machine gun or carbine.

Their armour is made from armour-grade ceramic mail.


Inehmud buildings are usually made from concrete or brick, composition depending on local materials. They tend to be large and have wide bases.

Relations with other races

The Inehmud are an important species within the Cloud.


The Inehmud and Raai are close allies. They were the first alien race each other encountered, and assisted each other in exploring the cloud and much of their space travel technology.


The Cyrian intervention saved the Raai and Inehmud from the War Machine, so they are very thankful to them.


The Inehmud do not think much of the Haad, using them only for cheap labour and undesirable jobs.

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