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Inferno (originally called Eden) is a large planet in the Daemoniverse and first planet in the Hellstar's system. It is the homeworld of the terrifying Daemons.

Most Daemons can no longer survive unprotected on this planet; they live in giant heat-radiating envelopes that protect them from Inferno's harsh climate. These bubbles are so large that entire megacities, such as Pandaemonium, can fit within them.


Inferno fell far too close to its sun during the Julth War, and is now a desolate black rock covered in magma seas. This event occurred when Hectocapitus detonated a photino bomb near the Hellstar.

Map of Inferno.


Inferno's atmosphere is mainly composed of sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.


Inferno has a moon called Tartaros, and much orbiting debris.


The surface of Eden, before it fell closer to the Hellstar and became present-day Inferno

At one point in the planet's history, before The Merge, an extremely sophisticated race known as the Veiled Ones existed on Inferno, which was then called Eden. They were an extremely technologically advanced and powerful race, and there is even a theory that they purposefully "seeded" planets so multicellular life would someday evolve. However, there has not been enough time for this life to develop.

At this time, Eden was a semi-tropical world, with billions of organisms and vibrant ecosystems.

During the planet's later years, however, the Julth came out of the Hellstar and waged war against them. The Julth War was a huge war, which stretched across dozens of star systems all over the universe. The eventual result was that the Hellstar was reduced to a red, dying star, the Julth were forced into the Crossverse, and the Veiled Ones lost their culture and became the vicious Daemons.


Daemons cities exist throughout Inferno. The capital is the horrific city of Pandaemonium.

Although the original animals that dwelt on Inferno are now extinct, a large number of machines built by the Veiled Ones still exist under the magma. These "Autobions" were designed to harvest resources such as metal, so they could continue to wage the Julth War. After the fall of Veiled One civilization, however, the machines continued to do their job.

Designed to make constant improvements upon themselves, these machines have evolved an operating ecosystem.

The Autobions are in almost every case composed of billions of nanobots.

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