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Intus is a planet within Mania, in the Vesania Universe.

A landscape on Intus


Intus is a terrestrial planet, classed as SEH.

Size and Composition

Intus is of unconventional shape. Instead of a sphere, Intus is shaped like a dodecahedron, with twenty faces. The edges do not erode as the planet is artificial, a fullerene crust over a molten iron core.

Its mass is 7 times that of Earth, but due to its radius the surface gravity is only 1.3G.


Intus orbits no star, heated by tidal effects, but it spins around its axis taking 4 hours to rotate.


At the centre of each face is a sea, so the surface is 48% water. There are no mountains on Intus, but enormous megaliths in broken and corrupted forms, thought to be artificial.

The surface temperature averages at 12 degrees centigrade. This is the same throughout the planet.


The lowest layer of Intus' atmosphere is 60% oxygen, 29% xenon, and 11% nitrogen. The pressure for the first 10km is 1.2 bars.

Above this is another layer, which is 40% nitrous oxide and 60% oxygen. This has a pressure of 0.9 bars, and it is unknown why it does not mix.

Above this, from 50 to 120km, is a 80% nitrogen, 20% oxygen layer. All layers remain seperate and unchanging.

Biosphere (and Metabiosphere)

An important animal here is the the Cyborgs. They are mostly machine with the main biological organs are the heart and the brain and even they have been implanted with artificial machines to better their utilization.

Also, there are the raving descendants of aeons of crashed space travellers. They include the Gehennian Snakesick.

In Fiction

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