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up to 2.6 metres


up to 1.7 metres






Highly advanced (Class X)

The Irihil are an advanced sapient species from the Illuminis Galaxy of the Viperius Galaxy System. They are high amongst the class X races.


The Irihil are quite dragon-like in appearance, though upright like a theropod. They stand up to 1.7m tall and 2.6m long, massing up to 70kg. Their scales are mottled grey above, and they have a yellow underside, as well as crimson patches on their sides. These are individual to each Irihil.

They stand on two taloned legs, with dextrous clawed reptilian feet and dewclaws. Their hands are similiar, except with an opposable thumb. The claws are sharp and strong, made of bone.

Arms and legs are strongly muscled and jointed, with strong pneumatised bones throughout the body. They have armour like a crocodile's, and tough scales. The tail is long and flexible laterally.

They have wings coming from the shoulders, with a large surface area and feather-like guide filaments. These maximise air flow underneath the wing. There are other adaptations for flight, such as the one-way breathing system. Endotherms, they have a powerful four-chambered heart and nonnucleate, triconcave red blood cells.

An Irihil side-on

Their senses of smell and vision are good, and they have large sound-detection organs on the side of their head. The forward-facing eyes hint at their predatory ancestry.


Irihil are sexual, ovoviviparous animals. Eggs are produced in response to sperm being introduced through the male's member.

The eggs gestate for nine months before the young are born. Labour is quite painless, taking only a few minutes. Up to three offspring may be produced, usually one.


Irihil are mainly carnivores, but also eat vegetables, seeds and fruit.

Intelligence and Society

Irihil are advanced sapients, with FTL travel, exotic power sources, and quantum computing. Their brain is lighter than a human's, but just as powerful.

They think and reason fast. Stress and pain impair their thinking slightly, but they remain fully capable. Their anger never stops them thinking, but reprioritises actions and focusses energies on attacking. However, they are still capable speakers.


Their language is reasonably different, which much more specific meanings than English- there is no word with two meanings- and a larger emphasis on description. Their speech is also more condensed.


Like the Aians, they put the individual behind the species. However, they have a strong sense of self-preseveration and loyalty to friends and family, self-sacrifice seen as the best of traits. Their culture is meritocratic- those good at something do that and those who are best are at the top. They are a species always ready for war, and most Irihil are in the military.

Their arts are sport, sagas, and music. Infants go to school, where they learn other languages, sciences, martial arts, Irihil culture, and strategy.


The Irihil leaders are elected from a body called the 'Viya', chosen after education for mental and physical ability. Any Irihil can vote unless excommunicated. Once voted in, a member can only be rejected after a majority Viya consensus that they are unfit for duty.

Members of the Viya have the title of 'Lord' or 'Lady'. Lords wear gold armour, and ladies wear white. Ex-members and the children of Viya members have the title of 'Vevoda' for males and 'Vevodina' for females, wearing silver and purple armour respectively.

Viya members and Vevoda/Vevodina can appoint 'Knights' and 'Dames', who wear bronze and blue armour respectively. They are above generals in the ranking system of the military.


The Irihil believe their race is appointed as protectors of the galaxy, by an entity known as 'Day'. They expect a day to come when 'Night' falls and the races of the universe must come together to stop it.

Their society and organisation hinges around this. They think of maintaining their alliances as very important, and come down harshly on rebels (of which there have only been three).


Irihil are classified as Technological Class X. They have explored the majority of their Galaxy, and begun reconnaissance in others.


Irihil spaceships are very powerful. There are four classes:

  • Frigates reach 3km long. They have two particle beams.
  • Battlecruisers are up to 22km long, with two bombardment cannons and sixteen or so medium particle beams.
  • Battleships can be 30km long, with six bombardment cannons, around thirty medium particle beams, and two heavy particle beams.
  • Megaships, the largest Irihil spacecraft, are over 250km long. Their armament consists of over a thousand medium particle beams, several hundred bombardment cannons, and twenty heavy particle beams.

They use Ultradrive to travel FTL and also have repulsor sheets to prevent projectiles and radiation reaching the ship.

These ships can reach several billion times light speed, and withstand Hellbeam blasts.

They are equipped with heavy compressed and spaced armour, composed mainly of steel. This enables them to withstand impacts even with the shield down.

An Irihil frigate, firing its particle beam

They carry powerful particle beams, which fire a dense stream of 6 to 600 GeV hydrogen particles (ionised for acceleration and neutralised at the lens) at close to light speed. Upon hitting the target, this will vaporise only a small hole, but the particles will flood through the ship. This radiation will sterilise the ship completely. The small size of the particles makes repulsor fields (though not sheets) ineffective.

Larger ships carry even bigger particle beams, firing lead particles with an energy of over 59 TeV. In addition to killing all living things with the radiation, such a beam causes powerful explosions throughout its path as matter is transformed into extreme-temperature plasma.

They also have bombardment cannons, which fire 1500kg projectiles at 95% light speed. These have a kinetic energy equivalent to 71 gigatons of TNT, but can only be fired at a rate of five per second.


Irihil use entanglement-based communicators to enable long-range transmissions and reception. However, only entangled particles can communicate, so they must use radio waves or lasers to communicate with other ships.


Irihil ground weaponry is very sophisticated. They favour stealthy, quick strikes, usually from above. They cannot carry bulky or heavy equipment, as they also want to be able to fly.

As such, they use light machine guns, sniper rifles, and swords. Their light machine guns fire around 50 1 gram shots a second, with a magazine of around a thousand. These are fired by an electrically-detonated conventional explosive built into the bullet, but are actually fitted with small sensors and secondary boosters to allow tracking.

Sniper Rifles use magnetic acceleration. A 10 to 40 gram ferrous projectile is brought up to 10km/s, though most usually around 1km/s. The recoil from this, if not buffered, would break every bone in the Irihil body.

Swords are made of nanodiamond, but suspensors make them feel very light. The blades are actually a belt containing carbide teeth, like a chainsword. As such, they can chop through many materials.

Some Irihil carry portable particle beams, which are powerful enough to punch through nanodiamond armour.


Irihil do colonise, but most of them move around in their spaceships. These colonies are usually enclosed, and well-defended, but of great size.

Relations with other races

The Irihil, an old and advanced civilisation, have met many other species.


The first contact for both the Irihil and Coatzl occurred just inside the Illuminis Galaxy, which the Coatzl had just reached. The two races had strongly similiar ideologies, and quickly became allies. The two races helped each other in exploration and research.

The Irihil also helped in circumventing the bad relations between the Coatzl and Aians.


The Irihil and Aians have a military alliance. They met during Irihil exploration of the Aian home galaxy, and their similiar natures have meant that they are firm friends.


The Irihil assisted the Merranites exploring their area of the Viperius Galaxy System. The two races are friendly to each other.


An Irihil reconnaissance party accidentally fell into the Crossverse after an unspecified alien species attacked them. They lost one ship to the unspecified alien, and a daemon force lead by the Armageddon, Bloodburn's spaceship, destroyed two more. The last ship managed to get back to the Irihil.


The Irihil consider the Aoarus to be servants of the Night. They are at war with them.


Though the Irihil dislike the Slavnye political system, they consider the War Machine to be a servant of- or in fact a manifestation of- the Night. They assist them in battling the War Machine, being part of the Ruznetsk War.

War Machine

The Irihil are at war with the War Machine.

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