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Julth War

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Julth War
Part of The Julth Wars
Date 0.501(.302)-(.307) AM
Location Many areas: Daemoniverse, Crossverse, Emenata
Result Decisive Daemon victory
Veiled Ones, (later Daemons),
the remaining Lotori, a few Sii
Daystar, became Hectocapitus Julth Overlord
TBC ~8 billion
All Veiled Ones, became Daemons Almost all Julth

The Julth War was a multi-universal war fought between the Julth and the Veiled Ones at around the time of the Merge. It stretched across the Daemoniverse, early Emenata, and many other universes, including a few battles in Empyrean.

Neither side truly won; the Julth were forced into the Crossverse, and the Veiled Ones became the Daemons.


The Veiled Ones were led by their Servant (in command of all forces), and their armies amounted to over twenty trillion legions. After the Experiment, the Veiled Ones became the Daemons. At this point, they were led by Hectocapitus and his children, Bloodburn and Soulbane. They had under their command ten million Shaytan, tens of thousands of Korgrath, and a number of Praeti. At that time, they possessed Veiled One weaponry.

There were around one thousand Sii fighting in the war, and over ten thousand Lotori.

The Julth were more numerous then, and were (and still are) led by the Julth Overlord.

File:Julth Dies.jpg
A Julth dies in a burst of energy.

The total Julth population was somewhere around eight billion, mainly common varieties that could be dispatched easily. However, even the weakest of Julth could overwhelm their enemies by sheer force of numbers.

Main Story

The motivation for a war that would cause both sides such immense losses is unknown; perhaps each felt the competition from the other would drive them to extinction. The war may have been started with a pre-emptive strike, though no records of this time have been found. It is known that the two races coexisted with one another for centuries before the war began.

The war itself lasted for six years, and given the speed and power of each side this was phenomenal indeed. Notable events include The Battle of Huison's Blade, the skirmish at Sceptre, and the battle at Crossgate.

Year 1


It is not known which race struck first; it seems all records of the first shots were destroyed by Daemons shortly after the war's end.


This year had the lowest casualties of the entire war, as both sides became preoccupied with the construction of strategic bases. The Veiled Ones set up thousands of Planet-Stations, while the Julth began breeding even more Toxx-Ziph.

In this year, the Veiled Ones discovered Infinity Gate, and began to build a Planet-Station near it.

The Julth had initially emerged from the Hellstar, but they left this home in favor of a more defendable positions, such as the Doomsday Galaxy System and many Crossverse bastions. The Veiled Ones establishing an Energy Converter array around the Hellstar may also have contributed to this.

Year 2

In this year, the Julth launched a massive offensive on the Daemoniverse front, sending all of their young and inexperienced soldiers at the borders. The Julth started to win the offensive, penetrating almost to the Hellstar itself, until the Veiled Ones used Infinity Gate, transporting a large number of no-ship equipped legions behind enemy lines. These soldiers caused a huge amount of damage, and forced the Julth Overlord to call off the offensive.

Many other battles were fought in this year. The Veiled Ones reused the Infinity Gate several times. Also, the Sii joined in the war. For a time, it did seem that the Veiled Ones would emerge victorious. But that was not to be.

Year 3

This year began with the retaking of the Doomsday Galaxy System from the Julth and the Veiled Ones persuading its surviving civilisations to form an alliance. They equipped this alliance with advanced technology and entrusted it with holding back future Julth attacks.

The Veiled Ones attempted to seize Sceptre shortly afterwards, meeting a force of Julth attempting to complete the same mission. Lotori vessels were able to divide the Julth forces and allow the Veiled Ones to defeat them army by army, but this distracted the fleet and prevented them from preparing for the Julth counterattack. The Julth brought with them a number of Sezzren-Rai, and completely broke the Veiled One strike force. They then established a perimeter around Sceptre to prevent further attacks.

Also notable was the bombardment of Julth Toxx-Ziph in the Crossverse by the Veiled Ones using newly designed Energy Converter torpedoes, and the reliatory strike by the Julth on the Daemoniverse's outer rim. Not expecting such a risky strategy, the Veiled Ones were caught out.

The Veiled One general Aureol was killed in this year.

Year 4

The majority of conflict during this year occurred in the Daemoniverse. Having established a foothold there, the Julth began to force their way towards Inferno, seeking to defeat the Veiled Ones on their homeworld.

Year 5

Early in the fifth year of the war, the Veiled Ones performed several failed time travel experiments and developed perception modification technology, as well as a number of superweapons.

The Experiment

Near the end of the war, both sides were running low on soldiers and supplies. However, neither side wished to surrender, and so it went on. At this time, a brilliant Veiled One scientist named Gehenne proposed a plan that would seal the fate of both civilizations forever.

Gehenne's plan was to genetically augment large portions of their population, into powerful super-soldiers. Then, they may have been capable of defeating the Julth. The Veiled One Servant at the time, Daystar, was the first to volunteer himself for experimentation. At first, it seems Gehenne's plan had worked; Daystar had become a powerful dragon-like entity. But there was a sinister catch. The formula used to transform Daystar drove him insane; he grew mad for power, and declared himself Hectocapitus. Another unexpected consequence of the formula was that Hectocapitus became capable of parthenogenically laying eggs, which hatched into the Seven. he also engineered and bred a Daemonic Horde, consisting mainly of Shaytan and a few Korgrath. Within hours, Hectocapitus had conquered all of the world later to become Inferno. At the same time, he succeeded in killing most of the Julth and pushing the rest into the Crossverse, where they remain to this day. The Julth Overlord was captured during their exodus.

Thus, the Daemons were born.

Year 6

In this year, Hectocapitus and his new children, Bloodburn and Soulbane, destroyed all remaining Veiled Ones and Julth.

Side Effects

In some places, galaxies were destroyed by the war. The Julth would eat away stars in those places until they remained nothing but compact stars in the place of were the center of them was.

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