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Kumbhakarna is a Korgrath general, one of the Asura, based on Lanka. He is one of Ravana's most trusted soldiers and advisors.


Kumbhakarna looks much like a Rakshasa, except he is twice the size. He is also much bulkier than a normal Rakshasa. This has led to speculation that he is merely a Rakshasa modified to be strong and intelligent. This is not suggested to him, however.


Kumbhakarna is both adept in the skills of battle and technology, unlike most Korgrath. Because of this, he is widely sought in the Daemoniverse, but his loyalty to Ravana means he works for nobody else.


Kumbhakarna carries a specially made Blueblade that is more powerful than the standard of its type.

In Fiction

Gehennian, The Seven

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