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Makhan Galaxy

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The Makhan Galaxy is a large galaxy in the Viperius Galaxy System. The War Machine seems to come from

The Makhan Galaxy



The Makhan Galaxy is a particularly massive spiral galaxy, 500,000 light years across and holding over a trillion stars. Massive, thick dust clouds fill up much of the space, and stars form rapidly and often. Large stars go supernova frequently, particularly near to the centre. The galactic core emits far less intense radiation than predicted, in all spectra.

Makhan is orbited by three satellite galaxies and many star-rich globular clusters. These are dense and contain much dust.


None of the planets orbiting any of Makhan's trillion stars, nor any of those in the satellite galaxies and globular clusters, bears any life beyond the prokaryotic. Evidence of it exists, but is rare. Many worlds bear great scars from where colossal orbital bombardment stripped their atmospheres, boiled off their seas, and razed their surfaces, leaving only ash.

The War Machine uses the planets and stars here for materials and power, having built large numbers of Dyson Ships here. It seems to have originated in this galaxy.

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